Management and Governance

Historical Note


  1. The Chancellor of Soroti University is appointed by the President the Republic of Uganda on the recommendation of the University Council.
  2. The Chancellor holds office for a period of four years but shall be eligible for re-appointment for one more term.
  3. The Chancellor is the titular head of the University and as such presides at all ceremonial assemblies of the University and, in the name of that University, confers degrees and other academic titles and distinctions of that University and exercises other functions and powers as described in the Act and in the statues.
  4. In absence of the Chancellor, the Vice Chancellor acts as chancellor.
  5. The Chancellor shall, at any time, on the direction of the Visitor, cause a visitation of the University to be conducted by a person or persons and for the purposes specified in the directive.
  6. The Chancellor is the university’s ambassador, promoting goodwill and mobilizing resources for the institution

Note: Currently the University is in the process of search for its first Chancellor