School of open and distance Learning

The School of Open, Distance and eLearning (SODeL) shall be responsible for the following in Soroti University;

  1. To manage the delivery of Programmes offered by Soroti University using the ODeL mode.
  2. To initiate the design and development of ODeL programmes in Collaborating units.
  3. To co-ordinate the design and development of academic Programmes.
  4. To co-ordinate the development, production and distribution of quality ODeL study materials.
  5. To co-ordinate the evaluation of ODeL-delivered programmes on a regular basis and disseminate findings.
  6. To forge links and partnerships with organizations involved in ODeL delivery practice.
  7. To develop and promote the use of ICTs in ODeL programmes.
  8. To ease feedback on students’ academic records by having a registrar in the SODeL dedicated to the processing and management of ODeL students’ academic records.
  1. To manage all administrative records of ODeL students.
  2. To carry out advocacy in ODeL at institutional and national level.
  3. To market Soroti University ODeL expertise and study materials to various stakeholders.
  4. To initiate market research for demanded ODeL programmes.
  5. To co-ordinate and facilitate the continuing capacity-building for ODeL managers, administrators, and practitioners.
  6. To undertake appropriate planning of both short- and longer-term, strategic dimensions for ODeL programmes, in collaboration with Soroti University academic and support units.
  7. To initiate policies and regulations for the usage of Soroti University ODeL study materials and resources by third parties, in conformity with institutional and national laws.