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August 16, 2019

Soroti University admitted students for the first time this academic year 2019/20 into two flagship programmes i.e. Medicine and Nursing. Orientation week ran between Saturday 17th to Friday 23rd August, 2019.  The University team welcomed the new students to Soroti University and its environs, introduced them to faculty members and other individuals, resources and facilities that will help them in the pursuit of their academic endeavors. The main objective was to help them acclimatize with their new community before lectures begin. In total 130 students were admitted for the two programmes. Already more than 70 have reported and registered. Topics of induction week included: University history, staff in all categories, University expectations from them, what the University is expected to do to enable them succeed. Other topics included deterrents like involving in bad behaviors,   restrain to indulging in antisocial activities like smoking shisha, njaga etc, procedures of accessing medical care from University medical Centre, the role of students in maintaining security on Campus and where they stay.  The freshers were also introduced to sexual harassment and gender based violence matters, Campus Greening Initiatives, and making of the Guild Constitution. Freshers visited Soroti Fruit Factory, Busitema University Arapai Campus, and Uganda College of Commerce besides touring their own Campus most especially skills labs and medical School laboratories, library etc. Speakers on this programme included: Resident District Commissioner, Soroti District, LC5 Chairperson Soroti District, District Police Commander, VC, DVC, AR, DoS, University Bursar, University Secretary, University Librarian, Medical Officer, Prof. Laurence Hugh Mason of Portsmouth University UK, Ambassador Grace Akello, Uganda’s High Commissioner to India.

Lectures started Monday 26th August 2019. Other planned activities include medical examination of all students, admissions ceremony, fresher’s ball and formation of Students Caretaker Government all due in the next few weeks.

I congratulate all students for this achievement and I thanks all those who made this event a success. I also thank Arapai Campus managers for supporting Soroti University with transport free of charge.

Release from VCs Office.

28th August 2019.